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From: Uruguay


Was born in Uruguay and like all naturally gifted musicians she originally comes from a family of musicians. Janet was born an entertainer.
She started her career when she was really very young. Thus, from the tender age of four Janet was already performing on the Radio of her country, Uruguay, and won the first award in a music contest on “Radio Carbe” at Montevideo. When she was eight years old, she started her professional career and was educated in live performance, dancing, singing, acting, and interpretation in first, second, and third voice (trio). She performed live on TV shows for five years and people loved her for being so spontaneous and so responsible despite the young of her age! When she was thirteen, her family moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina.
There Janet had the opportunity to study arts (acting, live performance, singing, dancing, painting, sculpture and the art of making jewelry). During her teens she turned out to be one of the most talented singers in the Tango repertoire and became very well known in Argentina.
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Most popular

1. Mi m' eknevrizis (3:34)
2. Rumbera (Spain) (3:05)
3. Besame Mucho (3:56)
4. La Bambola (2:02)
5. Ela tora (4:17)
6. El Paso Del Ebro (Spain) (2:11)
7. Ke me pas opou thelis (2:34)
8. Guantanamera (Cuba-Jos... (4:54)
9. Verde (2:54)
10. El Humahuaqueno (Carna... (2:06)

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Alexandros Kalogeropoulos
11 April 11
3 April 11, 09:41
παρακαλω να με ενημερωνετε για τις εμφανισεις σας,ειμαστε μια παρεα θαυμαστες σας,ευχαριστω.
Amelia Blanco
10 April 11
10 April 11, 22:47
cuanto talento y belleza junos mi dios,sera que es mi prima? que lindo gracias, x regalarnoslo