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"...If St Etienne are about evoking memories of a London so idyllic it's almost illusory, Keep Shelly do the same for every European beach resort, from Ayia Napa to Ibiza. This is the sound of lack and loss, of what My Bloody Valentine termed "emptiness inside". It'll transform your recent holiday romance into the most resonant bliss imaginable." - The Guardian

“...downtempo, Balearic-tinged sounds that sound like what would happen if someone tried to remake Air’s Moon Safari to correspond with the present day’s fashions…” - Pitchfork

“ a shimmering, sexy-smooth Balearic pop dream, perfect for soundtracking all the lingering yearning and regret of your next late-night comedown.” - Gorilla Vs Bear

"...their (UK) debut single on Transparent floats like a sweet Saint Etienne dream shattered by devastatingly melancholy trumpet sighs." - NME
Posted by YannisV (08.04.2011)


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Apithani diamartiria


Apithani diamartiria


Apithani diamartiria


Apithani diamartiria


Apithani diamartiria


Tragoudi tou pediou


Girna xana


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