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An ethnic/entechna music project from Greece, with songs written by Michalis Nikoloudis (music) and Michalis Koumbios (lyrics) sung by Anastasia Moutsatsou. They have released one CD.


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Most popular

1. Ola ehoun mine (2:19)
2. Thalassa giali (3:28)
3. Alli mia mera fevgi (4:17)
4. To blouz tou kosmou (4:17)
5. Agapes tis zois mou (3:05)
6. Ola ehoun mini (2:18)
7. Stin idia poli tosa hr... (3:34)
8. Dakri mou na ginis meli (2:52)
9. Ela vrohi mou (3:28)
10. Thelo mia agapi (3:36)

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