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Founded: 1993


The core of the band met back in 1993 in Athens, Greece, when the guitarists Vassilis Tzavaras, Leonidas Karakatsanis and the piano player and percussionist Michalis Nivolianitis formed a trio to experiment with different ways of playing, more or less famous, rock and blues covers.
Their main aim was to concentrate on the elements of improvisation and personal style. Since 1996, Harris Lambrakis playing the wind instrument Nay) and Dimitris Michelis (playing Ud), join in the band.
Occasional Dream worked on their own compositions, creating their own characteristic sound, incorporating different - and at a first sight distant - influences. With the participation of Yiorgos Kaloudis on the cello, Alekos Tsamis on percussion and later Yiannis Notaras on drums the band reaches its final 7-membered synthesis.
The Band has released an album in March 2000 with LYRA records, which contains instrumental pieces and songs with Greek and English Lyrics.
The band does not perform any more but it has neither dissolved leaving open the possibility of a reactivation of the friendship networks that exist among their members in the future.


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Most popular

1. Erotomagemenos (2:58)
2. I selini (2:28)
3. Emina edo kato (3:11)
4. Under The Moon (5:48)
5. Vita (4:33)
6. Untitled (7:50)
7. Apopira (6:36)
8. Poria siopis (4:46)
9. Anammena tsigara (4:46)
10. Minor Swing (2:49)

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