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Founded: 2005
From: Greece, Athens


Palov & Mishkin, grew up together as best buddies during an era of break-dance frenzy, cable wrestling fights and boom box anthems. Both of them cut their teeth on parks around home and school always searching for the next perfect move. Together they also formed their first band, a quartet which went very successful on various school nights.

Around 1987 the duo had to split because of Mishkin’s sudden move to a different school in a faraway town.
They went separate ways and no one ever heard news from the other for almost 20 years. Some contacts had been made in several occasions but none was that strong to make them realize they should work together again. On March 2006 luck brought them together inside the same taxi….

And so they met again.


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Most popular

1. Crush Test (4:02)
2. Blunts, Parachutes, He... (2:58)
3. Rude Mamba Pt.1 (4:09)
4. Et De Clarinete (3:15)
5. De Mi Careta (2:37)
6. Jack The Nose (2:51)
7. Nude (0:51)
8. Pai-Voi Dub (2:56)
9. Basking In The Ambience (3:36)
10. Never Forget (2:54)

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