Vissi Anna


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Born: 20-12-1957
From: Cyprus, Larnaka


Born in Cyprus, Anna started her musical career at the early age of six, by attending the Cyprus Conservatory. Her parents, however, hesitated to allow Anna to sing because of her small age. For this reason, when at the age of twelve, she decided to take part in a local song contest, nobody knew about this except for her sister who accompanied Anna’s singing on the piano. Only after she won the prize (and the first contract) her parents were convinced not only to let their daughter sing but also to move to Greece, where better opportunities existed for her musical career.
In discography she makes her first appearance with an album of Giannis Kalatzis “Oh! Ti kosmos mpampa”(Oh, what a world daddy). At the same time, she records her first songs with her first producer Achilleas Thefilou. The same year she starts appearances with Giorgos Dalaras at “Deilina”. Soon after she co-operates with Mikis Theodorakis in his “18 lianotragouda tis pikris patridas” (18 ditty songs of the bitter homeland) (1974) in poetry by Giannis Ritsos, while the same year “Mikres politeies” (Small states) of Stavros Koygioymtzis was released, in poetry by Manos Eleftheriou, where Anna sang 2 songs together with Dalara.
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“Θάλασσα 2011”

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18 August 11, 15:45
Τυχαίνει καμιά φορά να μην έχουμε τη διάθεση μόνο για ένα συγκεκριμένο στυλ στη μουσική. Τα θέλουμε όλα, ανακατεμένα σε μια πολύχρωμη τρελή σαλάτα, όπου το κάθε συστατικό είναι διαφορετικό και έχει τη δική του, μοναδική γεύση. Η ζήτηση παρακινεί την προσφορά και έτσι δημιουργούνται...

Most popular

1. Protimo (4:03)
2. Tirannieme (4:00)
3. Den ine psema (4:09)
4. Sta hronia tis ipomonis (2:53)
5. Kala Hristougenna (3:43)
6. Psihedelia (3:48)
7. Se zilevo (Galleon Mix) (3:40)
8. To tavli (4:50)
9. Drepome (3:52)
10. Skepasto (2:26)

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Girna xana


Kakia sinithia (Valentino Remix)


Kakia sinithia (Valentino Remix)


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