Vougioukli Eleni Ke Souzana


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From: Greece, Thessaloniki/Xanthi


Eleni and Souzana Vougioukli, highly impressed by the potential of human voice as an innate musical instrument, started experimenting with their voices and in 1997, still at high school, gave their first public concert as the group AURORA BOREALIS, a cappella, with songs from all over the world.
Their preference in the mode a cappella is further reinforced by the fact that their songs, in their majority, are traditional and consequently more likely to be performed in a simple way, i.e. without many and complex instruments. However, by no means does this imply that they sing only a cappella; on the contrary, they perform their songs by guitar, piano and percussion instruments they play themselves.
Furthermore, as the lyrics of their songs are considered to be of great importance-a diachronic vehicle carrying culture and history- they are sung in the original language, with a lot of respect to the conventions of pronunciation and prosody of each language and dialect.
Their repertoire consists of traditional Greek songs, including rebetika and in dialects such as Graekophones from Southern Italy, fado, Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian, Turkish, Arabic, Roma, Serbian, Bulgarian, Pomakika, Armenian, and American blues and jazz.


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5. Kalinifta (Paradosiako... (3:08)
6. Ceserina (2:27)
7. Rindineddha Si Rindini... (2:54)
8. Ipirotiko (2:00)
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