Apostolos Kaltsas began playing music from his childhood, learning the accordion at the Municipal Conservatory of Lamia, where he was born and grew up.

Later, he switched to piano and percussion, but electric bass finally won him and thus was a student of George Fakanas, while he graduated from the Department of Theatre Studies at the University of Athens.

Along the way, he was active in theater, composing original music for numerous plays. He was the leader musician and arranger of the highly acclaimed musical 'Heroes', written and directed by Eleni Gassouka, in Mikro Pallas for 2 very successful years.

Since 2004, he is member of the popular band "Ypogeia Revmata". Also he often cooperates with the bands “Anemos", "Trifono" and the singer Apostolos Rizos. As a musician - performer has appeared at numerous festivals in France, Poland, Turkey, Germany and USA.

In 2005, he delivered his first completed work as a composer with the music for the fairy tale "The silver robot with red light" (published by Metaixmio) where he had the honor to have his songs performed by Spyros Sakkas and Maria Nafpliotou, among others.

Currently, he conducts songwriting seminars in Mikro Polytexneio, collaborating with Dimitra Galani.

In 2010, his first entirely personal album was released by the “Parousia” label, entitled “Mythotopia” (in his own lyrics, music and arrangement), which caused particular sense, receiving excellent reviews. In this record, involving a multitude of the most talented and charismatic greek musicians, while exceptional artists like Thanos Mikroutsikos, Christos Thivaios, Panos Mouzourakis, Apostolos Rizos, Makis Papagavriil, Grigoris Klioumis and Martha Frintzila give outstanding singing perfomaces.