Born: 06-09-1943
From: Greece, Anogia, Crete


Psarantonis is a Greek composer, singer and performer of lyra, the bowed string instrument of Crete and most popular surviving form of the medieval Byzantine lyra. He come from the mountainous village of Anoghia in Crete and is the younger brother of the late Nikos Xylouris, a notable Cretan singer/musician as well as the older brother of Yiannis Xylouris, an equally notable Cretan musician. Psarantonis is known for the special timbre of his voice and his lyra playing style. Apart from the lyra Psarantonis plays various traditional instruments.

He first played the lyre at the age of 13 and recorded his first single in 1964, titled "I Thought of Denying You" (Greek: Εσκέφτηκα να σ' αρνηθώ). He has released many recordings since then and has represented Greece many times in festivals abroad.

In January 2009, Psarantonis gave memorable performances in the rock music festival All tomorrow’s Parties hosted in Brisbane, Sydney and Mt Buller (in Victoria) and curated by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.