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1. Pai, pai (3:06)
2. Menexedenia ta vouna (5:26)
3. An thimithis t' onoma mou (4:28)
4. Ke den milise kanis (3:00)
5. Ke den milise kanis (2:59)


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Country: Turkey
On site from: 26 October 10, 17:04
First Name: Dan
Last Name: Goz
Age: 43
Sex: Male


11 March 11
21 December 10, 01:02
hello i found this website by chance.... i like this music very much...thanks for putting it up...i first came across tacticos and his bouzoukis in 1968 when the album first came out...this music beacame quite popular at parties because there was a fashion for greek music then-i think english people were just beginning to travel on holiday to greece and loved the music they heard which to our ears sounds very exotic and romantic and reminds people of their fun times on holiday...i have never had any idea what the songs are about..i just like the sound!...i have tried many times to find who tacticos was and if he was a real person or was that just a name invented by the record company for session musicians? ...i hope to hear from you bye tim preston....timpreston321@hotmail.com
16 April 15
21 December 10, 01:02
i sent you an email :wink:
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