Dalia Rena


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Born: 1931
Died: 25-08-2000
From: Greece, Patra


Rena Dalia was a rebetiko singer (real name Eleftheria Papakosta), she was born in 1934 (or 1935) in Patra and died in Piraeus in 2000. She was the last 18th child of her family and the 2nd survivor of 18 children. Her music talent was obvious at her childhood. She came to Athens in 1950-51 at the age of 18 to study but because of many financial issues she started to work right away. Kostas Zafiris discovered her by coincidence and a great career was just at the beginning.
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Most popular

1. Gkelmenten (2:38)
2. Siko horepse koukli mou (3:03)
3. Kalos orises vre Giorgi (2:35)
4. Karambimberim (2:55)
5. Ta kavourakia (2:41)
6. Svise to fos na kimith... (2:48)
7. Siko horepse koukli mou (2:59)
8. Ta pedia tou Pirea (3:01)
9. Omorfi Thessaloniki (3:11)
10. Tiranne ti tha kerdisis (3:28)

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Idou o nimfios erhete


Menexedenia ta vouna


O horos tou nerou


Tin agapi gia na mathis



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