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Born: 01-03-1977
From: Greece, Crete


Nikos Pathiakis a.k.a. Dj Pathios was born in 01-03-1977 in Heraklion and raised in Sitia, Crete. He discovered his love for music at the age of 14, when he joined a local radio broadcast as a DJ,and at the age 16 he was the basic dj of the club planitarion. He is dj 15 years and he like to mixing tech-progressive house and trance.He has play with great djs.His basic job is in computers and internet.Dj Pathios love to mixing tech-house vibes to people with energy and passion.


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Most popular

1. To eteron sou imisi (R... (2:07)
2. Ah angele mou (Remix) (3:04)
3. Feel My Zoyrna (Final ... (1:43)

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