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From: Greece


Efi Panou started her musical studies in National Conservatory of Kastella in 1997 where she graduated with full marks. Beyond that she studied music and theatre in another Conservatory at the same time. Many other studies were about to follow. Nowdays she is teaching young upcoming musicians.


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Most popular

1. To poto diplo (3:11)
2. M' exousiazis (2:44)
3. Orko zitas (3:39)
4. Erhome xana se sena (3:14)
5. Fige apo mena na haris (4:55)
6. Tha 'rthi ki i sira sou (2:53)
7. Tha figo ke tha me zitas (2:13)
8. Na ta xanavroume (3:16)
9. Kardia mou epikindini (4:00)
10. Emena mi me kles (2:28)

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