Pavlidis Kostas

Pavlidis Kostas

Born: 04-11-1974
From: Greece, Athens


Kostas Pavlidis was born in Athens on November 4th 1974 and has been singing since he was a child. His first official appearance was at the age of twelve at a small gig in his hometown. He began singing to earn his living within the Romani (Gypsy) community of Greece.

One of his teachers in primary school introduced him to the director Menelaos Karamagiolis, who was about to release the film “Rom”. He met Nikos Kipurgos who was the composing the soundtrack. Kostas appeared briefly in the film and was given the opportunity to sing a couple of songs for the soundtrack as well. The reviews were excellent and the film was awarded a prize in the Thessalonica film festival. The soundtrack was released, Kostas’ first recording.

At the age of fifteen he signed his first record contract with “ Sirios”, Manos Hatzidakis’ label. It was only then he realized he had become a professional singer. Apart from that, he appeared in Sirios’ concerts and recorded with several composers.

In 1993 he performed a number of songs in the club “ Metro”. It was a concert about “Greek Gypsies”. The reviews were once again superb. The concert was recorded and released under the title “ Songs of Greece’s Gypsies”.

In December 1994, he released his first solo album “ Ship of the heart” with the music of Giorgos Andreu (who orchestrated the album), Giorgos Kazantzis, Iraklis Vavachikas and with his own music as well.

The album featured Eleni Tsaligopoulou and some of the greatest Greek musicians such as: Vassilis Saleas (FM Records’ artist), Nicos (FM Records’ artist), Iraklis Vavatsikas, Achileas Persidis, Antonis Apergis, Manolis Karantinis, Vangelis Karipis (Eleftheria Arvanitaki’s percussionist).

Four years later Kostas signed with FM Records and completed his second solo album “Forth your wings and fly”. The album was composed and orchestrated by Antonis Apergis, who was the lyricist as well, and produced by Michalis Nikoloudis.

This album was honored by the performances of musicians such as Christos Tsiamoulis, Harris Lampakis, Vangelis Karipis and Kiriakos Guventas. The excellent performance of Kostas, the brilliant tracks of Antonis Apergis, the skills of the musicians as well as the magic touch of Michalis Nikoloudis created an awesome atmosphere.

During the last years Kostas Pavlidis has collaborated with important Greek artists such as Arleta, Melina Kana, Eleni Tsaligopoulou, Voula Savidi, Lizeta Kalimeri, Petros Dourdoubakis, Petros Tampouris etc. His Romani origin has fully affected his artistic career. The main representative of the Romani music culture of Greece, Kostas and his group work on the modernizing of Romani music, adding funk, Latin and world elements when appear live.